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Paul Oswald Airport Name: French Valley Airport (added 11/21/2008 5:10:11 AM)
Murrieta, California, Identifier: F70
Tailwheel endorsements and Flight Reviews to select students in their own planes.
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Atwood Chris Airport Name: Eagle Creek (added 11/23/2007 3:56:10 PM)
Indianapolis, IN, America Identifier: KEYE
Chris' College of Tailwheel Knowledge. Experience in 47 makes and models. J-3, SuperCub, Pitts, Husky, American Champion, Cessna 120/140/170/195, Stearman, SNJ, Vans RV, Etc...Quality instruction and a great rate! Based in Indianapolis but can also travel to your location.
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Gary Middleton Airport Name: Any (added 3/25/2005 3:16:33 PM)
Dayton, Ohio, America Identifier: Any
I am a full time airline pilot and part time CFII, ferry pilot and whatever you need done. I also give biennials in your airplane. I have over 25,000 hours TT, 3000 as an instructor and 5000+ in taildraggers, from Volksplanes to DC-3's, with around 125 different models of airplanes flown. I do not currently own an airplane, but will work with you in yours on an hourly rate, or whatever we can work out. I also do commercial, multi, and instrument training. E-mail me anytime or call 937-689-2160.
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Steve Curtis Airport Name: Camden (added 5/23/2012 1:20:12 AM)
Camden, NSW, Australia Identifier: CN
I hold a Grade 1 instructor rating and am available for refresher training, tail wheel endorsements, flight reviews, formation and aerobatic training. I've accrued over 5000 hours in taildraggers ranging from Pitts S1 to Curtiss P40, Beech 18, Lockheed 10A and most taildragger types on the Australian register. I'm happy to travel to any state to complete your training.
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Bob Salway Airport Name: Abbotsford (added 1/8/2008 1:35:49 PM)
Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada Identifier: CYXX
Flight instructor with over 3000 hours of tailwheel experience. Will teach on everything from Aeronca's to Wilga's. Can use your aircraft or mine (Citabria).
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Alex Burton Airport Name: Pitt Meadows Regional Airport (added 10/25/2006 4:09:03 PM)
Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Canada Identifier: CYPK
Taildragger instruction on your aircraft of ours. Pitt Meadows is a beautiful place to train: river valley, ocean, spectacular mountains. Check out our website: www.pacificrimaviation.ca
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Adam Penner Airport Name: Steinbach South Airport (added 3/19/2004 12:44:06 PM)
Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada Identifier: CKK7
Harv's Air now has 4 taildraggers, including 2 Citabrias! http://www.harvsair.com/taildragger.html
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Alan Dares Airport Name: Bradford Airport (added 8/2/2012 3:14:10 PM)
Bradford, Ontario, Canada Identifier: CPM7
Our flying service uses Savage Cub and Classic taildraggers, and offer training on bush wheels, floats, and skis. We have a conversion course for nose-gear pilots, ground school, and accelerated courses.
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Scott Knowlton Airport Name: Grimsby (added 1/15/2010 10:04:29 AM)
Burlington, Ontario, Canada Identifier: CNZ8
I am a class 3 instructor with over 10,000 hours of experience and specialize in ab initio and conversion instruction on tailwheel aircraft. I currently own a Stinson 108 and fly for Air Canada. I can provide training at most southern Ontario airports on the student's aircraft. Cell #289 259 3616
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Spence Mike Airport Name: Hamilton (added 1/23/2004 3:36:06 PM)
Caledonia, Ontario, Canada Identifier: CYHM
I have been in the flight training industry for 35+ years. My Champion 7EC is presently kept at CYHM but train mostly at York (CPP6), our local "grass roots" field.
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Ben Ciantar Airport Name: Brampton (added 12/21/2009 9:27:11 AM)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada Identifier: CNC3
In the air since 1974 ! Flying is an expression of freedom tempered by discipline. I possess a Multi engine rating, Instrument rating, Seaplane endorsement, Instructor rating and spend time doing aerobatics in my Bellanca Decathlon whenever possible. Tail wheel training is a favourite specialty. Tailwheel expereince includes, J3, Super Cub,Champ, Citabria, Scout, Decathlon, Pitts, Skybolt,Waco
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Manfred Schuchard Airport Name: Kaufbeuren (added 3/25/2010 9:53:06 AM)
Kaufbeuren, Bavaria, Germany Identifier: ZZZZ
Taildragger and Transistion Training with Citabria 7KCAB, Do27, Job15, Airbatic Instruction
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Helmut Kirner Airport Name: Jesenwang (added 7/6/2004 3:56:25 AM)
Wessling, Bavaria, Germany Identifier: EDMJ
Experience in: mostly Pitts S2A, PA18, Luscombe, Decathlon, C180, also Christen Eagle, Pitts S2B, S2C, AT6, Bücker 131, Klemm 35, Stampe, Tiger Moth, Chipmunk, Jodel.
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Juergen Tantau Airport Name: Bonn-Hangelar (added 12/9/2007 5:06:30 AM)
Bonn, NRW, Germany Identifier: EDKB
Tailwheel instruction and endorsement. Membership in our club is required. For details see www.bwsgh.de
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csaba toth Airport Name: KALOCSA (added 9/21/2008 4:54:22 AM)
Baja, BACS, Hungary Identifier: LHKA
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Yoram Peled Airport Name: Reshon (added 4/25/2012 4:39:22 AM)
Ben Shemen, Israel, Israel Identifier: LLRS
Cub driver
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Bill Henwood Airport Name: Ardmore (added 9/8/2009 5:00:46 AM)
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand Identifier: NZAR
Taildragger conversions, ab-intio training, using two PA-18 Super Cubs. Also BFRs,
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Norm Rennspies Airport Name: La Cholla (added 1/17/2010 2:08:17 PM)
Tucson, AZ, pima Identifier: 57az
CFI/II/MEI also see FighterCombatInternational.com cell 602-206-1195
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Cédric Pasche Airport Name: La Côte (added 8/12/2006 8:04:43 AM)
Nyon, , Switzerland Identifier: LSGP
I am available for taildragger training as a CRI as well as for biennal flight review. Extended mountain landings experience on PC-6, C180, MX-7-235, PA-18, AA1,
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Ed Widener Airport Name: Alamogordo/White Sands Regiona (added 9/14/2006 11:09:23 AM)
Alamogordo, New Mexico, U S A Identifier: ALM
Adjacent to Holloman AFB and White Sands Missle Range
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Larry Duane Airport Name: Longmont Vance Brand Municipal (added 2/25/2009 8:30:05 PM)
Longmont, Colorado, U.S. Identifier: KLMO
Colorado Backcountry Fliers offering all levels of flight training. Specializing in tailwheel and backcountry. Aircraft include Citabria 7GCBC, 7GCAA, A-1B Husky
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Hans Van Ovost Airport Name: Martin Campbell Field (added 4/15/2008 12:02:03 PM)
Copperhill, Tennessee, U.S. Identifier: 1A3
ATP , CFIA , CFII , MEI-Land & Sea tandem taildragger check outs
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Sam Finan Airport Name: San Antonio Int. (added 12/14/2008 6:05:35 PM)
San Antonio, Texas, U.S. Identifier: KSAT
CFI, CFII, MEI, Tail wheel. Experience instructing in most SE Cessnas, Bonanza, Baron, and all American Champion types.
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tom kuehne Airport Name: Creve Coeur (added 3/18/2010 12:04:13 AM)
St.Charles, Missouri, U.S.A. Identifier: 1h0
Specializing in Sport Pilot taildraggers. Cubs,Chiefs,Champs,Luscombes.
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Paul Crispin Airport Name: Hawarden (added 2/16/2006 12:41:55 PM)
Chester, N. Wales & Cheshsire, UK Identifier: EGNR
3500+tt, lots of TD dual given, many makes and models - not a time builder. Vintage, Classic, Aerobatic. Can travel to you UK FI/Examiner & PFA Coach
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Charles Welden Airport Name: Bessemer (added 10/7/2006 6:49:04 PM)
Birmingham, Alabama, United States Identifier: KEKY
I have a 1939 85Hp J3 Cub on Wheels for tailwheel training, and I offer seaplane training in a Cessna 150/150 on Lake Martin in Southeastern Alabama
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Aaron Komara Airport Name: Madison County Executive (added 7/17/2007 11:24:36 PM)
Huntsville, Alabama, United States Identifier: kmdq
Taildragger, aerobatic and spin training. You can reach me anytime at 256-682-9639
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Stan Miller Airport Name: Any (added 7/16/2007 2:10:36 PM)
, Alabama / Georgia, United States Identifier: Any
CFI, available to give tailwheel instruction, spin training, or BFRs, transition training, mountain training, and high performance in owners aircraft. Cell: (925) 389 0630. Please leave a Voice mail
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Gordon Sorensen Airport Name: McClellen (added 2/2/2008 12:38:43 PM)
Sacramento, California, United States Identifier: KMCC
CFI with experience on Stearman, Maule, Citabria, Decathlon, Stinson 108, and Harvard aircraft. Available for Check Outs and BFRs.
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Rich Stowell Airport Name: Santa Paula Airport (added 4/5/2006 12:05:13 AM)
Santa Paula, California, United States Identifier: SZP
Specializing in spin, emergency maneuver, aerobatic, and tailwheel training since 1987. See the personal web page at taildraggers.com or www.richstowell.com
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Chad Eyanson Airport Name: Apple Valley (added 2/15/2007 2:02:17 PM)
Victorville, California, United States Identifier: KAPV
Tailwheel instruction/endorsements in 7AC Champ or your plane.
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Philip Moore Airport Name: Sebring (added 11/27/2007 6:43:50 PM)
Lake Placid, FL, United States Identifier: ksef
I fly professionally and do T/W checkouts for hobby flying. I've flown most types incl Van's RV's--your plane only. You must be flying current for me to take you, then we fly all day.
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Michael Marco Airport Name: JaxEx at Craig Airport (added 1/2/2014 5:55:56 PM)
Jacksonville, Florida, United States Identifier: KCRG
At Barnstorm Aviation we offer advanced training in our 2004 American Champion Super Decathlon. Everything from Tailwheel and Spin endorsements to Unusual Attitude Recovery and Aerobatic Courses. contact us via email from this site or go to our facebook page at www.facebook.com/barnstormaviation or call us at anytime: (904) 655-1210
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Keith Lickteig Airport Name: Orlando-Sanford International (added 10/6/2007 9:08:55 PM)
Orlando / Sanford, Florida, United States Identifier: KSFB
Tailwheel, aerobatic, upset and spin recovery training along with basic and competitive aerobatics. We also offer fun flights as well as event hosting for family or corporate parties. Aircraft include Extra 300L, 300LP, Waco WMF-5, Citabria
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Todd Greiner Airport Name: Williamson County Airport (added 1/21/2014 3:56:57 PM)
Marion, Illinois, United States Identifier: KMWA
I am a full time CFII who has been instructing for over 20 years. I have a beautiful 1952 Cessna 170B I use for tailwheel training/endorsement. I am located in Southern Illinois.
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Craig Agapie Airport Name: Terre Haute International (added 11/28/2005 3:22:06 PM)
Terre Haute, Indiana, United States Identifier: KHUF
I am a flight instructor with experience in Cessna, Beech, Piper, American Champion, and Aeronca aircraft. My favorite type of flying is tailwheel off of grass strips. I do flight reviews, private through CFII training and will soon be doing multi engine training. Your own plane is welcome, and I've probably flown that model before. Thanks for checking me out, and I'm looking forward to doing the same for you!
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JW Lynn Airport Name: DANVILLE/POWELL (added 11/12/2013 7:43:20 AM)
Nicholasville, KENTUCKY, United States Identifier: KDVK
Lynn Aviation 420 Airport Rd. Danville, Ky. 40422 859-583-3361 We offer tailwheel instruction and endorsement and spin training.
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Fred Lagno Airport Name: Easton Airport (added 3/14/2014 7:35:58 PM)
Queenstown, MD, United States Identifier: ESN
will instruct and give tailwheel endorsements to select students in their airplane.
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Shannon Franklin Airport Name: Creve Coure (added 9/11/2009 6:29:27 AM)
St. Louis, Missouri, United States Identifier: 1H0
Ferry-Delivery-Relocation-Training-Sales, Visit www.franklinairservices.com for more information. CFI-CFII-MEI
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Kimmel Tim Airport Name: Laurel Municipal (added 4/5/2005 9:23:29 AM)
Laurel, Montana, United States Identifier: S27
Fully certified to instruct in any land aircraft except multi-engine, and those aircraft that require a type ratiing. Call 406-670-7560 for more information.
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Adam Rosenberg Airport Name: Long Island Mac Arthur Airport (added 7/5/2005 10:11:38 AM)
Brookhaven, New York, United States Identifier: ISP
15,000+ hour airline captain/check airman, gold seal flight instructor, and a FAA Deignated Pilot Examiner. In addition to tailwheel instruction and endorsements we also specialize in aerobatic training to include spin endorsements, upset/recovery training, basic and advanced aerobatics. At the present time all instruction is given in a 1996 American Champion 8KCAB Super Decathlon with 180 HP.
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Christopher Susie Airport Name: Northwood Municipal (added 1/26/2006 12:02:51 AM)
Northwood, North Dakota, United States Identifier: 4V4
I instruct at various rural airports in ND. I teach tailwheel in a 7ACA Champ available through the Northwood Flying Club. Experience in other types as well. Low and No time pilots welcome! also willing to teach Sport Pilot. website: www.geocities.com/northwoodflyingclub
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Richard Murray Airport Name: Lakefield (added 9/22/2011 3:57:43 PM)
Celina, OH, United States Identifier: CQA
Cessna 140, J3, Taylorcraft, Champ
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Raymond Brown Airport Name: Burke Lakefront Airport (added 5/31/2012 4:05:31 PM)
Cleveland/Clermont, Ohio/Florida, United States Identifier: KBKL
over 30,000 flying hours, 7 time master instructor. many industry awards, FAASteam member. tailwheel Instructor all models from J3 cubs to BE-18 Twin Beeches. I will go to you, or you can come to me.
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John Nielsen Airport Name: Skiatook Municipal Airport (added 12/21/2004 11:27:41 PM)
Skiatook, Oklahoma, United States Identifier: 2F6
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Stephen Huggins Airport Name: Troutdale (added 4/5/2012 2:01:11 AM)
Eagle Creek, Oregon, United States Identifier: TTD
Primary tailwheel instruction/endorsements. Backcountry and Mountain flying instruction. Maules, Cubs, Champs, Citabria, T-Craft, Cessna experience.
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Tony Walker Airport Name: Collegedale Municipal Airport (added 10/11/2010 3:43:06 PM)
Collegedale, Tennessee, United States Identifier: KFGU
I give instruction in C120/140, Champ, C170/180/185.
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Samuel Dawson Airport Name: Santa Teressa (added 11/13/2007 1:04:01 AM)
El Paso, Texas, United States Identifier: 5T6
Tail wheel training in a Super Decathlon (8KCAB) or C-140. Also spin training and upset recovery training. Over 20 years of flying experience. Over 15 years as a military and civilian instructor.
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Oran Boyett Airport Name: Sulphur Springs Muni (added 9/7/2008 3:01:50 PM)
Sulphur Springs, TEXAS, United States Identifier: KSLR
Tailwheel CFII MEI
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William Ameden Airport Name: Catamount Airfield (added 1/12/2005 9:18:16 PM)
Cabot, Vermont, United States Identifier: VT62
We specalize in tail-wheel training and aerial photography. E-mail: will@together.net
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Jack Suierveld Airport Name: Reno- Stead Airport (added 2/5/2008 2:40:26 PM)
Reno, Nevada, United States of America Identifier: 4SD
Tailwheel endorsements, mountain flying courses, emergency maneuver/upset training, flight reviews, private pilot certificate instruction.
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Doersom Keith Airport Name: Thomasville (added 10/2/2006 6:42:20 PM)
Carlisle, Pennsylvania, United States of America Identifier: THV
Have Flown cubs to stearmans. Enjoy good old aircraft
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Dan Box Airport Name: smart rd airport (added 4/12/2008 7:57:46 PM)
troy, al, us Identifier: al77
Tailwheel instruction in your airplane or mine. Please call 334-372 1717(cell) or 334-484-8839(home).
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Blake Coleman Airport Name: Hayward Executive (added 7/7/2009 2:31:13 PM)
Hayward, CA, US Identifier: KHWD
FAA ATP, CFI, and US Navy Pilot with over 1000hrs PIC in Navy Fighter aircraft. Instructor in Hayward-based Extra EA-300L aircraft, available for tailwheel, upset recovery, or spin training, or to experience flight in a high-performance aerobatic aircraft. EA-300L solo checkout available.
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Dave Tranquilla Airport Name: Truckee Tahoe Airport (added 4/11/2012 1:54:49 PM)
Truckee, California, US Identifier: KTRK
Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub available for mountain instruction and tailwheel endorsements.
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Jonathan Amundsen Airport Name: Winter Haven (added 10/21/2004 8:57:14 PM)
Winter Haven, Florida, US Identifier: GIF
Tailwheel training, checkouts, BFR's from J-3 to 195
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Ed Blanchard Airport Name: Statesboro (added 2/5/2008 12:43:19 PM)
Brooklet, GA, US Identifier: KTBR
Current in PA-20/22 Piper Pacer, Have experience in Luscombe, Citabria and C-170.
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Tom Renfro Airport Name: Kansas City (added 1/14/2005 3:16:33 PM)
Lansing, Kansas, US Identifier: MKC
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Wesley Jenkins Airport Name: Manhattan Regional (added 1/25/2012 1:47:30 PM)
Manhattan, Kansas, US Identifier: KMHK
4000 hr Fixed/Rotary Wing. Come fly our Cessna 140 at KMHK! Check us out at www.JOflying.com
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Brian Schanche Airport Name: Anoka County (added 2/26/2004 9:32:56 PM)
Blaine, Minnesota, US Identifier: ANE
Float, ski & tailwheel instruction - Champ, PA-12 & Cessna 185. Also block time leasing opportunities in several seaplanes. See my web site www.adventureseaplanes.com for more information.
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Hilton Carson Airport Name: Flanagan Field (added 5/29/2009 5:03:02 PM)
Farmville, NC, US Identifier: N08
CFIAI available in Greenville, NC. (KPGV) for taildragger instruction and checkouts. J3 and Hatz biplane available. E-mail or call 252-531-1619.
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John Ziegler Airport Name: Williamsburg (added 3/29/2004 3:34:11 PM)
Williamsburg, Virginia, US Identifier: JGG
I offer tailwheel training in my aircraft ('46 C-140) to include initial endorsements, refresher training or flight reviews. Have access to local grass fields for soft/short field work.
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Owen Mark Airport Name: Bellingham International (added 10/26/2004 3:27:17 AM)
Bellingham, Washington, US Identifier: BLI
CFII with >1100 hrs tailwheel and >1250hrs instruction given. I fly off-airport operations in Alaska and a bit of flight training in Washington. 150hp Horton STOL C152, Dual $125/hr. Ground or dual in your airplane: $50/hr. Call (360)650-9444 or email me.
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McCourt Dwayne Airport Name: Summersville (added 1/3/2008 10:57:10 AM)
Summersville/Richwood/Sutton, WV, US Identifier: KSXL
Affordable Sport Pilot instruction available in central WV. Current aircraft available are Piper J4A, Luscombe 8A and Taylorcraft.
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Robert McCormick Airport Name: Pryor Regional (added 9/7/2004 10:13:50 PM)
Decatur, Alabama, USA Identifier: DCU
I will give tailwheel instruction in Cessna 120/140's, Aeronca's, Piper Cubs, Piper Super-Cubs and Cessna 180/185. WE hae available for tailwheel endorsement a Bellance 7GCBC (Citabria, 150HP w/flaps) and a 1940 Piper J3. 256-227-5240. Will travel to customer base.
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Cliff Atkins Airport Name: Birmingham (added 11/16/2007 4:07:40 PM)
Birmingham & Atlanta(southside, Alabama &Georgia, USA Identifier: KBHM
Relocation, tailwheel transition and insurance checkouts. Experience ranging from J-3 to P-51 with lots in between. T-6, L-19, PT-19, Stearman, Staggerwing, Pipers, Cessnas, etc. Mustang dual available in your airplane, T-28 dual also available (airplane is available). Mustang rides also available.
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George Woods Airport Name: Merrill Field (added 6/28/2007 12:08:24 PM)
Anchorage, Alaska, USA Identifier: mri
ATP,CFII multi-engine fixed wing and helicopters. 5,000 TT, 3,000 tailwheel. DC-3 rated.
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Alex Clark Airport Name: Homer (added 6/5/2004 2:15:10 AM)
Homer, Alaska, USA Identifier: HOM
Tailwheel, Ski, Float, BFRs Dual ours or yours, (Primary Instruction using your plane)Thank the insurance company!!, Commercial Dual. Alex Clark Dragonfly Aero PO Box 2420 Homer Alaska 99603 1-907-CAN-BUZZ dragonfly@homernet.net www.dragonflyaero.com
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C. Jay Baldwin Airport Name: Butte Municipal Airport (added 9/20/2004 8:50:12 PM)
Palmer, Alaska, USA Identifier: AK1
Supercub Bush Training. Off field training to prepare pilots for the rigorous Alaskan bush. Visit us at http://www.youflyalaska.com/
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Glenn Johnmeyer Airport Name: Palmer (added 3/12/2007 8:04:59 PM)
Palmer, Alaska, USA Identifier: PAAQ
Taildragger checkouts, your airplane. Bi-annuals. 907-746-6817
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Kirk Price Airport Name: morrilton mun (added 1/19/2007 10:56:22 PM)
morrilton, ar, usa Identifier: Kbdq
talewheel instruction in citibra 7gcbc with full panel and toe braks.
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Ken Pepper Airport Name: Stellar Airpark (added 4/15/2009 7:32:40 PM)
Chandler, Arizona, USA Identifier: P-19
Tailwheel check our in customer's aircraft. Vans RV transition traning. Tailwheel flight reviews.
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keith larson Airport Name: Glendale Municipal Airport (added 8/17/2010 9:16:44 AM)
Glendale, Arizona, USA Identifier: KGEU
Tailwheel transition training in our Citabria 7ECA.
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Sam Darghous Airport Name: Phoenix Goodyear Airport (added 4/11/2009 12:06:55 PM)
Pheonix, Arizona, USA Identifier: KGYR
Super Decathlon(8KCAB-180)Phoenix AZ. Tailwheel training/endorsements, CFI spin training/endorsements, Upset recovery training.
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Jim Staude Airport Name: Love Field (added 11/11/2004 9:21:18 PM)
Prescott, Arizona, USA Identifier: PRC
Super DeCathlon 8KCAB Taildragger & Aerobatic Pilot
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Paul Besing Airport Name: Marana Regional (added 12/23/2011 11:36:17 PM)
Tucson, Arizona, USA Identifier: Avq
Cfi cfii with a Cessna 140. Good flying weather enables tailwheel training to be completed rapidly. Focus on crosswind performance and accuracy landings. Average completion time is 7 hours for a current pilot.
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William Jeff Comer Airport Name: Scottsdale (added 1/1/2014 9:53:20 PM)
Phoenix, AZ, USA Identifier: Ksdl
Experienced corporate, charter, instructor, Taildragger and bush pilot
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John Mahany Airport Name: Long Beach (added 4/6/2012 5:48:09 PM)
Long Beach, CA, USA Identifier: KLGB
I am a tail-wheel CFI, and have been one for years. I got my tail-wheel endorsement in '79, after earning my PPL. Now I am a partner in a 1953 CE 180 so I stay current! I have flown many different models of tail-wheel aircraft, almost 25... contact me on my cell 562-234-8423
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Marco Caflisch Airport Name: Palo Alto (added 1/14/2013 11:10:06 PM)
Palo Alto, CA, USA Identifier: KPAO
Tailwheel instruction, spin and aerobatic training, BFRs in your airplane or our immaculate Cessna 120 and Citabria 7ECA. Located in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area; solo rental available. Visit www.pardicair.com for more information.
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Lou Evans Airport Name: Santa Paula Airport (added 2/21/2007 10:01:15 PM)
Santa Paula, CA, USA Identifier: KSZP
Tailwheel training/endorsements. Visit www.evansaviation.com, or contact me at (805) 573-0449, or by email at flyevansaviation@yahoo.com
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Dianne Williams Airport Name: Santa Paula Airport (added 2/15/2005 2:34:11 PM)
Santa Paula, Cailfornia, USA Identifier: SZP
1300+ TW hours, 2000+ total hours. Citabrias, Decathalons, Cubs, Pacers, C140's. I own a C140. Part-time instructor (weekends)at CP Aviation - 805 525-2138
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Travis Sutphen Airport Name: Camarillo (added 10/8/2010 12:37:10 PM)
Camarillo, California, USA Identifier: KCMA
Camarillo Aviation and Tailwheel Inc. provides tailwheel instruction, BFR's, scenic flights and aerial photography. Visit www.camarilloaviation.com or call 805-914-9795
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Ty Frisby Airport Name: John Wayne Airport (added 3/30/2005 12:03:33 AM)
Dana Point, California, USA Identifier: KSNA
I'm now the CEO of 5g Aviation, an authorized ACA sales center as well as a school offering Tailwheel and Aerobatic training. I have over 4,000 hours tailwheel myself and our staff has over 8,000 hours of combined Tailwheel experience.
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Pamela McCarthy Airport Name: Hayward Executive Airport (added 8/23/2010 5:01:58 PM)
Hayward, California, USA Identifier: KHWD
Get your Tailwheel endorsement in a Cessna 140 - N72202. This a fun and enjoyable way to satisfy your BFR! Meticulously maintained aircraft located at KHWD. I am also familiar with many models of tailwheel aircraft including Citabrias, Decathlons, and Cessna 170/180.
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Doug Poulton Airport Name: Hayward (added 10/12/2011 1:11:14 PM)
Hayward, California, USA Identifier: KHWD
I don't instruct for my living anymore, (fly airliners). But for years I taught lots of people to be safe in tailwheel airplanes. If you want to be REALLY safe in a taildrgger you have to practice those skills that are tricky - and learn to master them. I have helped many pilots replace their anxiety with confidence. If you live nearby and want to get really good at flying your airplane, I can help.
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Andrew Geraghty Airport Name: Chino (added 2/12/2013 1:31:24 AM)
Huntington Beach, California, USA Identifier: KCNO
Tail wheel Training, my airplane or your airplane just email me, no problem with experimental airplanes
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Scott Schultz Airport Name: Fox Airfield (added 1/19/2009 6:33:08 PM)
Lancaster, California, USA Identifier: KWJF
I am available for tailwheel checkouts, flight reviews, ect, current ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI. I am a current Turboprop DC3 pilot, and have experience in many other large and small tailwheel aircraft. Citabria 7KCAB available.
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Paul Buller Airport Name: Long Beach (added 3/27/2008 10:56:23 AM)
Long Beach, California, USA Identifier: KLGB
Tailwheel CFII Maule M7 -235 Citabrias, Decathalons, Scouts and Supercub. Available in the So Calif. Area by appointment.
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Graham Gitlin Airport Name: Van Nuys (added 8/22/2006 12:03:44 AM)
Los Angeles, California, USA Identifier: VNY
Tailwheel and aerobatic training including competition prep. Airplane experience includes Pitts S1S,S1T,S2A,S2B,S2C, Great Lakes, Globe Swift, Citabria and Decathlon, Cub, Supercub, N3N, Zivko Edge 540T. Tailwheel checkouts and ferry service. Based in Los Angeles, CA
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Gary Suozzi Airport Name: Camarillo (added 9/24/2006 11:49:14 AM)
Newbury Park, California, USA Identifier: CMA
18,000+ hour pilot. I own 2 aircraft, a 7ECA Citabria and a YAK-50. Will train T/W or advanced maneuvers.
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John Scruggs Airport Name: John Wayne Orange County (added 1/18/2012 4:51:02 PM)
Newport Beach, California, USA Identifier: KSNA
Tailwheel certified CFII, MEI. 800 hours dual given tailwheel and aerobatic experience in Champ, Citbria, Super Decathlon, and Cubs. Available for primary, instrument, BFR's, and transition training.
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Allen Kukucka Airport Name: Placerville Airport (added 5/16/2012 2:47:47 AM)
Placerville, California, USA Identifier: KPVF
Citabrias, Decathlons, Cessna 170/180's, experimentals, bi-plane, aerobatics.
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Irwin Fust Airport Name: Red Bluff Municipal (added 1/3/2012 1:38:16 AM)
Red Bluff, california, USA Identifier: KRBL
Training for tailwheel endorsements done in a 1946 side by side Aeronca Chief. I will do initial tailwheel training in your tailwheel aircraft.
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James Kilbourn Airport Name: Sacramento Executive (added 7/4/2012 7:57:51 PM)
Sacramento, California, USA Identifier: KSAC
I provide tailwheel transition training in a Citabria 7KCAB. To schedule yours, use e-mail at sactailwheelavn@sbcglobal.net.
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Shawn Kelly Airport Name: Salinas (added 1/25/2005 11:48:44 PM)
Salinas, California, USA Identifier: sns
Taildraggers are my passion. I have over a thousand hours of dual given in Cessna 140s and Cubs. And, we have some beautiful aircraft available for instruction and rental. We have offices in Salinas and Watsonville.
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Zdravko Podolski Airport Name: Reid Hillview San Jose (added 2/24/2005 9:26:53 PM)
San Jose, California, USA Identifier: KRHV
I have over 5000 hrs, including many in Citabrias, Taylorcrafts, Champs, Cessna 180/185 and other taildraggers. Contact me for fun training in the San Francisco Bay Area. Check out my Web site on http://www.goodflying.com Zdravko
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Richard Eastman Airport Name: Orange County Airport (added 12/29/2009 9:34:18 PM)
Santa Ana - Chino, California, USA Identifier: KSNA
I also am avaialble at Chino Airport. I own and fly a taildragger Glasair Sportsman; have extensive time in Cessna 180's and 185's; various versions of the Cub (Piper, Legend, etc.), etc.
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Rick Macleod Airport Name: Watsonville Municipal (added 3/12/2009 2:48:29 AM)
Santa Cruz, California, USA Identifier: KWVI
Tailwheel instruction in a 2001 Citabria GCAA. (831)763-0290
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Aaron Becker Airport Name: Watsonville (added 9/15/2005 11:27:07 AM)
Santa Cruz, California, USA Identifier: WVI
I have over 800 hours of tailwheel time. Call me for Tailwheel training in a Citabria. 831-234-8439
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Judy Phelps Airport Name: Santa Paula (added 5/11/2006 12:44:10 PM)
Santa Paula, California, USA Identifier: szp
I specialize in Spins, Emergency Maneuvers and Aerobatics. I work at CP Aviation full time. Visit our web page for more information www.cpaviation.com
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Jim Byrd Airport Name: Cable Airport, Upland (added 1/17/2007 6:26:01 PM)
Upland, California, USA Identifier: KCCB
Tailwheel endorsements / Flight Review (909)982-0013
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Steve Blackwell Airport Name: Watsonville (added 3/12/2010 11:19:50 AM)
Watsonville, California, USA Identifier: KWVI
With over 10,000 hours in the air, I can provide tail wheel training in Champs to Stearmans. I own a Citabria 7ECA that I've flown coast to coast providing tail-wheel training. RVs to Babyace to Stearmans I can help you with transition training for your tail-wheel endorsements. Need an aircraft moved give me a call. Steve Blackwell 831 818 2145 N10557@gmail.com Learn2fly.biz
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David Plucker Airport Name: David Plucker (added 3/20/2012 2:02:25 PM)
Parker, CO, USA Identifier: KAPA
Cessna 180, 185, Carbon Cub, Citabria, J3 Cub Mountain check out, tail wheel endorsements, 5 years experience as a bush pilot , 42 years total, Retired but instructing almost every day because I love it
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Mark - Colo Sprgs, CO Dickerson Airport Name: Meadow Lake (added 1/12/2012 12:15:33 PM)
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA Identifier: KFLY
CFI-SEL, CFIG, Former USAF and NASA Test Pilot with Masters Degree in Aero Engineering. Nearly 5000 hours of military fighter, general aviation, and glider flying time. Associate Fellow in the Society of Experimental Test Pilots, former EAA member, AIAA Senior Member, member NAFI. I'd love to help you with your flying, designing, or flight testing needs, so let me know what I can do!
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Kenneth Howes Airport Name: Greeley Weld county (added 8/2/2005 10:39:25 PM)
Greeley, Colorado, USA Identifier: kgxy
Tailwheel endorsements, Private and commercial training in Beautiful Piper colt. Ready to learn give me a call. Also fly out of Pine Bluffs Wyoming. 618-444-9419 or 307-245-4831
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Neal Brenner Airport Name: Greeley Weld County (added 12/2/2004 11:54:08 AM)
Greeley, Colorado, USA Identifier: KGXY
Flight instruction specializing exclusively in tailwheel, stick and rudder, dirt, grass, soft, short, narrow & real obstacle airfields, upsets, spins and basic aerobatics. 35 years tailwheel and crop dusting experience.
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Gary Motley Airport Name: Jeffco (added 11/29/2003 10:54:54 PM)
Westminster, Colorado, USA Identifier: KBJC
CFII,MEI with 1000hrs accident free taildragger time.
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Daryl Smith Airport Name: Danielson Airport (added 12/18/2012 5:53:18 PM)
Danielson, Connecticut, USA Identifier: LZD
Commercial Pilot SEL, MEL, Glider and LTA (Hot Air Balloon) CFII, CFIG, LTA-FI, AGI I’m a high time pilot with a lot of experience in Tailwheel aircraft and actively teaching each week. Available to instruct in your aircraft or mine. Daryl Smith Cell - 860-428-6769
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Graeme Nichol Airport Name: Fernandina Beach Municipal (added 1/18/2006 7:16:39 PM)
Fernandina Beach, Florida, USA Identifier: 55J
A 604 acre General Aviation Facility serving Historic Fernandina Beach, Florida for all aircraft other than major airlines. Design aircraft for facility is G-4 Gulfstream with weight limititations of Single wheel 40000, Double wheel 70000 and Double tandem of 120000. An FAA designated Reliever Airport for JAX. For more information: contact: (Jennifer Gooding), Airport Manager, or by phone at (904) 277-7305 or Air McGill, Fixed Base Operator, or by phone at (904) 261-7890
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David Kicklighter Airport Name: Fernandina Beach (added 5/10/2006 7:41:05 PM)
Fernandina Beach, Florida, USA Identifier: 55J
Experienced Tailwheel Instructor. Can teach in your plane or my J-3. Will come to your airport if desired. e-mail for info and prices. davidkick@hotmail.com
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Jim Alsip Airport Name: Indiantown Airport (added 4/3/2006 1:09:29 PM)
Indiantown, Florida, USA Identifier: X-58
Dual instruction in Super Decathlon for tailwheel endorsement, aerobatic, spin and upset recovery training. Indiantown Airport features a 6,300 foot grass runway, lots of Class G airspace and great florida weather. Only 30 minutes by rental car from West Palm Beach International Airport. Jim Alsip CFI cell phone 772 485-6761
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Philip Pecoulas Airport Name: Herlong & local Jax area (added 12/19/2004 5:35:32 PM)
Jacksonville, Florida, USA Identifier: KHEG
CFII-ME Tailwheel Training, Checkouts, Flight Reviews in the Jacksonville Area! Tailwheel experience J3 through PT-17... Instruction in a 1946 J3C-65 or your aircraft. Drop me a line! -Philip
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Shawn Knickerbocker Airport Name: Herlong (added 7/16/2004 1:38:41 PM)
Jacksonville, Florida, USA Identifier: HEG
I can provide all of your tailwheel training, from J-3, Wilga's through DHC-2's......Contact me... Shawn
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Ted Brousseau Airport Name: Naples Municipal (added 1/14/2004 2:04:14 PM)
Naples, Florida, USA Identifier: KAPF
CFI very experienced in tail draggers. Over 2/3 of time since 1964 has been in a tail dragger. Have flown from Florida to Canada, MA to CA and every place in between. Will ferry any SEL anywhere.
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Rick Blyseth Airport Name: Orlando Executive Airport (added 12/9/2005 6:22:17 PM)
Orlando, Florida, USA Identifier: KORL
NEW 2005 Super Decathlon training for tailwheel and aerobatic training.
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Mike Glastonbury Airport Name: Charlotte County Airport (added 3/13/2006 8:02:33 PM)
Punta Gorda, FLorida, USA Identifier: KPGD
Hi, Thanks for taking the time to look. I'm offering Tailwheel Endorsements in my beautiful 1948 Cessna 170. I'm an experienced Tailwheel Pilot having flown T8's through DC3's. I offer an intense one day course featuring lots of take-off's and landings off asphalt and grass runways. I also fly into Venice, Arcadia and Fort Myers airports. I charge $600 for the course, which can be spread over two days if you prefer.
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Mark Menendez Airport Name: Saint Augustine Airport (added 8/11/2010 11:29:26 PM)
Saint Augustine, Florida, USA Identifier: KSGJ
Provide tail wheel instruction in a classic 1952 Cessna 170. If interested please email or contact Florida Aviation Career Training (904)824-9401 to sign up for tail wheel instruction.
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Ron Wright Airport Name: Charlotte co. airport (added 6/25/2004 2:50:55 AM)
Sarasota, Florida, usa Identifier: PGD
Teaching in Decathylon
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Eric Weaver Airport Name: Leesburg (added 7/17/2010 3:50:01 PM)
Tavares, Florida, USA Identifier: KLEE
Specializing in Cessna 180/185's, Training in everything from Champs, Cubs and Twin Seabee.
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Dennis Kochan Airport Name: Gilbert Field (added 7/22/2004 9:06:30 AM)
Winter Haven, Florida, USA Identifier: KGIF
Taildragger instruction in your airplane, Pitts Special to Grumman Goose. Call 863-297-8080
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Tim Preston Airport Name: Winter Haven Municipal Airport (added 7/29/2004 12:23:12 PM)
Winter Haven, Florida, USA Identifier: KGIF
Tailwheel Flight School. Tailwheel training in our Stearman and J3 Cub. Tailwheel endorsements/transitions, HP endorsements, BFR's, or just some fun flying to put in your log book. Scenic Rides. Preston Aviation, Inc. www.flytailwheel.com
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Jeff Hopewell Airport Name: Ridgeland, SC (added 4/12/2012 12:59:30 PM)
Savannah, GA, USA Identifier: 3J1
Providing tailwheel and spin training in citabria, 7KCAB.
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William Provine Airport Name: Lawrenceville (added 12/9/2006 10:20:58 PM)
Conyers, Georgia, USA Identifier: LZU
CFI Airplanes and Gliders. 6000+ tailwheel time. Reasonable rates for checkout in your plane and/or BFRs. 770-922-6911 WProvine@aol.com
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Mac Barksdale Airport Name: Airnautique (added 5/8/2006 11:52:05 AM)
Hartwell, Georgia, USA Identifier: 0GA2
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Tom Lake Airport Name: Newnan-Coweta County (added 11/9/2005 6:37:47 PM)
Newnan, Georgia, USA Identifier: CCO
13000 Hour plus CFII/MEI. Tailwheel endorsements in my 7ECA or your aircraft. Spin training and aerobatic training available. 25 miles sw of Atlanta 404-732-7525
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John Hyle Airport Name: Thomaston-Upson County (added 12/15/2009 4:48:46 PM)
Peachtree City, Georgia, USA Identifier: OPN
Will instruct in T6s and below. 1200 dual given, 1100+ tailwheel in everything from J-3s, Stearmans, 100 series Cessnas, T-crafts, Aeroncas, T6s, Fairchilds and Mustangs.
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Paul Leadabrand Airport Name: Boise (added 11/26/2011 2:34:35 AM)
Boise, Idaho, USA Identifier: BOI
Paul Leadabrand is the founder, corporate managing member, and primary flight instructor for Stick & Rudder, LLC dba Stick & Rudder Aviation. Please see his bio @ www.stick-rudder.com Paul guarantees to bring the barnstorming-like joy of flying back into flight instruction with his safe, common-sense, practical approach.
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Jim Davies Airport Name: Garden Valley (added 9/10/2007 11:18:30 AM)
Garden Valley, IDAHO, USA Identifier: U88
The Idaho back country is my back yard. I live in Garden Valley and spend a majority of my flying time in the central Idaho mountains. I’d like to share my experience with you to get you comfortable and safe operating in that environment or flying instruments in today’s ATC system. Give me a call and we’ll talk about your training objectives.
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Lori MacNichol Airport Name: McCall (added 4/8/2006 11:16:58 PM)
McCall, Idaho, USA Identifier: KMYL
ATP-CFII-CFMEII-SES Owner - McCall Mountain/Canyon Flying Seminars, LLC and Mountain Aviation Corporation, FBO & flight school Idaho Aviation Safety Councilor, Boise FSDO
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Robert Patrick Airport Name: McCall (added 2/18/2007 10:53:18 AM)
McCall, Idaho, usa Identifier: myl
City of McCall municipal airport
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Robert Patrick Airport Name: McCall (added 10/20/2005 3:16:49 PM)
McCall, Idaho, USA Identifier: MYL
26,000 hours plus retired airline pilot. Learned to fly in tail wheel airplanes and have flown them ever since. All tailwheel airplanes and biplanes. Extensive backcountry and Mountain experience Alaska, Canada, Mountana and Idaho.
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Amy Hoover Airport Name: McCall (added 5/25/2005 12:17:56 AM)
Anywhere in central Idaho, Idaho and Washington, USA Identifier: MYL
Tailwheel instruction (more than 1000 hours TW dual given). Specializing in mountain and canyon flying instruction. Visit www.canyonflying.com
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Greg Morris Airport Name: Aurora (added 3/6/2007 11:22:40 PM)
Chicago, Il, USA Identifier: KARR
I am the Chief Pilot at Gauntlet Warbirds based at the Aurora airport in the Chicago area. We offer aerobatic, tailwheel and warbird training in a Decathlon, two T-6s and an L-29 Delfin. www.gauntletwarbirds.com
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Stephen Fiegel Airport Name: Aurora Municipal Airport (added 8/17/2012 11:28:04 PM)
Aurora, Illinois, USA Identifier: KARR
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Steven Staples Airport Name: Carbondale (added 8/9/2009 1:38:01 AM)
Carbondale, Illinois, USA Identifier: KMDH
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Nick Scholtes Airport Name: Morris Municipal (added 7/4/2009 9:31:18 PM)
Morris, Illinois, USA Identifier: C09
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Douglas Knorr Airport Name: Cottonwood Airport (added 2/2/2012 11:41:33 AM)
Winnebago, Illinois, USA Identifier: 1C8
I'm an airline pilot, a CFII with Tailwheel Endorsement, and an A&P.
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Robert Haynes Airport Name: Westfield (added 9/14/2013 9:51:57 PM)
Indianapolis, IN, USA Identifier: I72
Tailwheel transition and LSA training. Solo potential in 7AC champ.
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Dennis Deforest Airport Name: AUBURN-DEKALB (added 1/23/2005 1:49:56 AM)
AUBURN, Indiana, USA Identifier: 07C
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Lance Bartels Airport Name: Bloomington (added 1/25/2004 10:19:30 PM)
Bloomington, Indiana, usa Identifier: BMG
Lance Bartels, an Embry-Riddle grad, CFI with experience in champs, cubs, maules, greatlakes, luscombes, tigermoths also A&P with an I.A. call 812-988-6525 Indiana
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John Wesley Airport Name: Goshen Municipal (added 3/1/2004 12:24:10 AM)
Bristol, Indiana, USA Identifier: GSH
Over 3 thousand hours of TD time, mostly in 18's, also a lot of Supercub, Champ, Luscombe, Swift, Stearman, Pacer, Clipper, Cessna 170, 180.
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James Wright Airport Name: Glenndale (added 6/24/2007 7:26:26 PM)
Kokomo, Indiana, USA Identifier: 8I3
I owned a Piper J-3 in the 50s and now have an Aeronca Champ. I have given over 1000 hours of flight instruction. I'm retired and I live right on Glenndale Airport so I'm available most of the time.
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Ty Lingo Airport Name: Glenndale (added 2/21/2008 8:38:04 PM)
Kokomo, Indiana, USA Identifier: 8I3
I am a full time flight instructor in your airplane or ours. BFR's, Sport Pilot, Private Pilot, Instrument rating, Commercial. I will work around your schedule. I work out of 8I3,5I4,OKK. We have a Cub and Champ for tailwheel training. Taildraggers put the fun back into flying. Low and slow with the door open,just one time, and you'll be hooked.
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Brian Rohr Airport Name: Greencastle Aeroclub (added 2/3/2004 11:29:04 PM)
Iowa City, Iowa, USA Identifier: IA24
Green Castle Aeroclub, instruction in 7ECA Citabria.
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Denny Struck Airport Name: Spirit Lake (added 5/18/2007 7:54:47 PM)
Spirit Lake, Iowa, USA Identifier: 0f3
(Airport ID is: Zero f 3) RV & homebuilt checkouts, Tailwheel, BFR's and primary training.
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Claud Hobby Airport Name: Gardner, Kansas (added 12/15/2009 2:34:08 PM)
gardner, kansas, usa Identifier: K34
The only Kansas City area flight school offering tailwheel training...endorsements...check-out for solo...aerobatic training. Fly our Citabria and enjoy the true fun of flying once again!
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tony johnstone Airport Name: STROTHER FIELD (added 3/2/2010 4:03:49 PM)
CFI/CFII/ASELS/AMEL, MCFI-Aerobatic. Specializing in tailwheel transition and aerobatics in my Super Decathlon. Flying since 1966, operating Knife Edge Aerobatics since 2003. Can instruct in most single-engine tailwheel airplanes. FAASTeam rep, never had an accident/incident or damaged an airplane. Contact # 620-221-8930(O), 620-221-1381(H)
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Adam schooling Airport Name: Danville airport (added 11/5/2010 9:09:21 AM)
danville, kentucky, USA Identifier: dvk
ATP Single & Multi CFI,CFII,MEI,AGI,IGI. 3000+ hours. Check out my website WWW.stickandruddertraining.com
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Kevin McGreevy Airport Name: Bowman Field (added 3/4/2007 8:50:33 AM)
Louisville, Kentucky, USA Identifier: KLOU
CFI, CFII, MEI own a Super Decathlon
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Mike Norton Airport Name: Vine Grove (added 1/1/2012 9:14:57 PM)
Rineyville, Kentucky, USA Identifier: 70ky
CFI, tailwheel, RV6 for RV transisition training.
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Taylor Oliver Airport Name: Manhattan Regional (added 9/17/2011 10:24:24 AM)
Manhattan, KS, USA Identifier: KMHK
6,000+ hr instructor. Come fly our Cessna 140 in Manhattan, KS (KMHK)! Visit http://www.joflying.com for more information and pricing.
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Terry Sullivan Airport Name: shreveport downtown (added 12/26/2006 6:43:48 PM)
shreveport, la, usa Identifier: dtn
Single and multi engine taildragger experience.
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Susan Tholen Airport Name: Sanford Municipal (added 1/3/2006 11:17:05 AM)
Sanford, Maine, USA Identifier: KSFM
CFI with 150 hours tailwheel experience, mostly in a 2004 Citabria we have in our flight school for instruction, tailwheel endorsements, and solo rental.
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Thomas OConnell Airport Name: Twitchells--- Turner Maine (added 3/1/2006 8:20:39 PM)
Wales, Maine, USA Identifier: 3B5
Tail Wheel and Float instruction---Instructing since 1960
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Tony Markl Airport Name: Ridgely (added 3/13/2004 7:28:56 AM)
Marydel, Maryland, USA Identifier: RJR
Long time tailwheel CFI with over 17,000TT including 2700 in over 40 types of tailwheels. The aircraft is a 1947 ex-USAF L-16A restored to original. The Instructor is a 1934 ex-USAF pilot not restored at all.
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David Speyers Airport Name: Allegan Airport (added 10/10/2005 11:09:30 AM)
Allegan, Michigan, USA Identifier: 35D
Fly a 1946 Aeronca Champ for your tailwheel endorsement or BFR! With many grass and paved strips in the area, and scenic lake Michigan only minutes away, the Allegan locaion to fly out of. Resonably priced at $75 for rental and $35 for instruction. Try flying "the way it used to be" in this classic stick and rudder aircraft. Log on to www.dodgenaircraft.com for more details.
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Jason Blair Airport Name: Allegan Airport (added 5/23/2005 3:11:38 PM)
Allegan, Michigan, USA Identifier: K35D
Dodgen Aircraft offers tailwheel instruction at the Allegan Airport in an Aeronca Champ. We use both sod and paved runways for our instruction along with offering introductory rides, courses, and full endorsement training. The champ has a 115hp engine and a stearable Scott Tailwheel. For more information please visit http://www.dodgenaircraft.com or call us at 269-673-4157.
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jeff welch Airport Name: Phelps Collins (added 8/4/2009 9:59:14 AM)
Alpena, Michigan, USA Identifier: APN
Author of Husky 101. Husky, American Champ, floats, Acro, Cessna 180/185, Beech 18.
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Chris Gregersen Airport Name: Flying Cloud (added 7/5/2004 6:25:03 PM)
Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA Identifier: KFCM
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Andy Stromberg Airport Name: Flying Cloud (added 2/27/2009 2:11:58 PM)
Jordan, Minnesota, USA Identifier: KFCM
Currently a full time airline pilot with over 1100 hours dual given in singles, twins, and taildraggers I offer flight instruction for all ratings including CFI, CFII, MEI, and ATP, and of course Tailwheel training! I am availible for instruction at many of the Twin Cities airports and can be reached any time at 701-740-3573, or at swissflyr@yahoo.com
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David Kittelson Airport Name: Flying Cloud (added 2/18/2004 10:40:34 PM)
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA Identifier: KFCM
Airline Transport Pilot with over 800 hours in Tailwheel aircraft: J-3, PA-18, PA-20, C-140, C-180, Aeronca Champs and Chiefs
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David Andersen Airport Name: New Ulm Municipal Airport (added 10/29/2004 11:27:37 AM)
New Ulm, Minnesota, USA Identifier: KULM
I am a 10,000+ hour corporate pilot with over 2000 hours in tailwheel aircraft, and am available for instruction in your airplane.
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Hans Meyer Airport Name: Anoka County/ Blaine (added 10/6/2005 8:17:05 PM)
Minneapolis Area, Minnseost, USA Identifier: ANE
6500 hour airline captain that still has fun flying and teaching General Aviation. Private thru ATP instruction available. Tailweel experiece includes Aeronca/decathlon, cubs, cessna 120/140, maule, stearman, T-6, NAF-N3N, ect. I'm happy on grass, skis, or water. Call me for your next BFR or ferry flight. 612-232-3329
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Les Pogue Airport Name: Golden Triangle Regional (added 10/25/2013 7:48:19 PM)
Columbus, Mississippi, USA Identifier: KGTR
CFII; Upset Recovery Specialist; Aerobatics; Advanced Stall/Spin Awareness. I'll teach you in your airplane.
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Terry Irwin Airport Name: Cape Girardeau Regional Airpor (added 5/16/2007 10:41:20 AM)
Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA Identifier: CGI
CFI for over 30 years in all types of aircraft. I'm currently offering tailwheel endorsements, BFR's, basic navigation refresher training, and sport pilot instruction in my Aeronca 7BCM at Cape Girardeau Regional or other fields by arrangement. Contact me at 573-243-3326 or email me at tiav8r@yahoo.com
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Gabriel Bourbeau Airport Name: Jefferson City Memorial (added 1/13/2004 10:49:35 AM)
Columbia, Missouri, USA Identifier: JEF
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Jon Beeker Airport Name: Downtown Airport (added 2/11/2004 3:20:09 PM)
Kansas City, Missouri, USA Identifier: MKC
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Ron Dillard Airport Name: Creve Coeur Airport (added 9/6/2009 7:17:22 PM)
Maryland Heights, Missouri, USA Identifier: 1H0
I provide Tailwheel Training and Endorsements, Spin Training and Endorsements, and Flight Reviews in a Bellanca Citabria 7ECA. ATP-Airplane Multiengine Land and Rotor-craft Helicopter CFII-MEI
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Diana Votaw Airport Name: Hunter Field (added 2/6/2009 8:54:20 PM)
St. Louis/Sparta, Missouri/Illinois, USA Identifier: KSAR
Please check out my website at votawaviation.com for all details. I do taildragger checkouts in a light sport CubCrafters S2.
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Thomas Nagorski Airport Name: Gallatin Field (added 9/5/2007 11:48:10 AM)
Belgrade / Bozeman / SW MT, Montana, USA Identifier: KBZN
Tom Nagorski's Paragon Air Adventures LLC is southwest Montana's source for general aviation fun! Nagorski, a 5,000+ hour career CFI offers instruction in mountain flying from TAAs to tailwheel. Paragon's fleet includes a 1946 Piper J3C Cub available for sole-PIC rental, and an newly added Micco SP26 for high performance / complex / tailwheel / TAA / upset recovery training. see http://www.ParagonAir.com for more details!
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Jim Foley Airport Name: Billings (added 7/21/2005 11:49:12 AM)
Billings, Montana, USA Identifier: KBIL
Tailwheel training available in our 1946 Cessna 140. For more information Call 406-252-2959 or visit: www.yellowstonevalleyaviation.com
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Wendy Beye Airport Name: Ravalli County Airport (added 11/23/2003 1:56:37 PM)
Hamilton, Montana, USA Identifier: 6S5
Taildragger instruction including Citabria, Aeronca 15AC, Maule M4, Cessna 120, C140, C170A, C170B, C180, C185, Piper PA-12, PA-18 Glider instruction High performance, mountain flying, BFR's
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William Woodhouse Airport Name: Choteau (added 11/23/2004 8:05:39 PM)
Power, Montana, USA Identifier: CII
2500 hour part time CFI, Farmer by trade. single engine land, have instructed in many types of taildraggers Luscombe, Cessna, Taylorcraft, Piper, ect. Also own RV4 and Cessna 150. Check my web page to see my JK-1 Lark.
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Michael Nassour Airport Name: Vicksburg Municipal (added 3/28/2006 7:56:58 PM)
Vicksburg, MS, USA Identifier: VKS
4300+ CFII ASEL/ASES/AMEL - 1972 Decathlon 8KCAB - Inverted Fuel/Oil
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Jim Efird Airport Name: Charlotte Monroe Regional (added 2/2/2010 6:04:01 PM)
Monroe, NC, USA Identifier: KEQY
5000+-hours, @2000 hrs tailwheel, CFII, CFIG, MEI, sea. 704.989.6223
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Bret Kobe Airport Name: Henderson Executive (added 4/6/2010 5:49:25 PM)
Henderson, Nevada, USA Identifier: KHND
Tailwheel, basic aerobatics, and upset attitude training, in an belanca, Citabria 150hp
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Timothy Brill Airport Name: Reno Stead (added 10/17/2003 5:51:25 PM)
Reno, Nevada, USA Identifier: 4SD
Tim specializes in tailwheel endorsements, emergency maneuver training, spin training, basic aerobatics and mountain flying.
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John Tremper Airport Name: Andover-Aeroflex (added 10/25/2003 7:50:29 AM)
Andover, New Jersey, USA Identifier: 12N
Here at Andover Flight Academy we offer instruction in tailwheel aircraft such as a 85hp J-3/L-4 Piper Cub, a 160 hp Piper Super Cub and an Aviat Husky A1-A, both with Alaska mods. Visit our web page at www.bushflying.com or call 973-786-6554 for scheduling.
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Damian DelGaizo Airport Name: Andover-Aeroflex (added 10/26/2003 3:00:43 PM)
Andover, New Jersey, USA Identifier: 12N
Professional tailwheel flight instructon at Andover Flight Academy in our fleet of tailwheel aircraft. 12,000+ hour CFI providing courses from basic to advanced, including ski flying. Check us out at www.bushflying.com or call 973-786-6554.
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Cal Thomas Airport Name: Andover-Aeroflex (added 10/18/2003 6:51:59 AM)
Morristown, New Jersey, USA Identifier: 12N
CFI with 1700TT, 1200+ tailwheel. Current owner of a Cessna 180 -- flight time in Cubs (J3, PA18), Pawnee, BirdDog(L19) and a few others. You can reach me via email at SkyWgn@optonline.net
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Michael Pulka Airport Name: Trenton-Robbinsville Airport (added 2/15/2004 1:59:19 AM)
Robbinsville, New Jersey, USA Identifier: N87
I give instruction in my 1946 Taylorcraft BC-12D. Give me call or contact me via this web site to set up an appointment! Home: 797-271-5088 Cell: 757-572-9353
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Kevin Dunshee Airport Name: AlamogordoWhite Sands Regional (added 2/28/2007 9:22:55 PM)
Alamogordo, New Mexico, USA Identifier: KALM
Kevin Dunshee, CFI, CFII, MEI, DPE Silver Linings Aviation Inc. Specialty Flight Instruction (505) 430-2558
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Mark Moyer Airport Name: Mid-Valley Airpark (added 5/16/2005 9:08:38 PM)
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA Identifier: E98
Experience the fun and challenge of getting your tailwheel endorsement in my Piper Super Colt!
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Joe Rizzo Airport Name: Greater Binghamton Regional (added 2/24/2005 8:06:14 PM)
Binghamton, New York, USA Identifier: KBGM
We have a 1967 7ECA Citabria in our flight school, established in 1981. We welcome pilots who want to add the tailwheel endorsement or get their pilot training in a conventional gear airplane. See our website at aero-techniques.com.
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Bart Ale Airport Name: Kingston/Ulster (added 11/23/2003 8:05:36 PM)
Kingston, New York, USA Identifier: 20N
Presently have Grumman AA1C taildragger mod, Citabria and Champs available
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Robert Parker Airport Name: Johnston Co. Airport (added 5/16/2006 2:36:08 PM)
Benson, North Carolina, USA Identifier: KJNX
Fly the The New Legend Cub, J-3 Cub, Pa-17 Vagabond,and the American Champion-Citabria.
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Gregory Collins Airport Name: Hendersonville Airport (added 10/3/2004 2:04:23 PM)
Hendersonville, North Carolina, USA Identifier: 0A7
Tailwheel training with an experienced Master CFI, in a Citabria 7ECA and a Stinson 108-3. Training can be considered a Flight Review. Save money and have fun, and open up a whole new world of flight. $625 for a Tailwheel endorsement. http://www.blueridgesportflight.com
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Brandon NeSmith Airport Name: Foothills Regional Airport (added 4/11/2006 12:11:28 AM)
Hickory, North Carolina, USA Identifier: MRN
Tailwheel, Spin training, Basic Aerobatics, and STOL operations in American Champion "High Country" Citabria (180HP) and Amer.Champ. 7GCBC Citabria. Instruction experience in the following models: Citabria, Decathlon, J-3, RV-6, RV-4, Luscombe, Cessna 140,180,185, Maule, Aeronca Champ, Kitfox, Avid Flyer, feel free to call 828-228-8500
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Richard Smith Airport Name: Lower Creek (added 11/20/2005 12:27:18 PM)
Lenoir, North Carolina, USA Identifier: NC27
Tailwheel check out in most types..Cessna 195,180,170,140..Champs/Citabra..J3..Maule CFI-CFII, 27,300hrs 336-921-3683
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Joseph Irwin Airport Name: Rowan County (added 9/23/2008 8:47:48 AM)
Salisbury, North Carolina, USA Identifier: KRUQ
More than 26 years experiance as CFI, CFII, MEI, with many hours of experiance in various aircraft. Well over 1,000 hours instruction given in various aircraft. Current Taildragger experiance in Cub,Champ,Cessna 120-140-170-180 and 185, Stearman, T-6.
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charles lewis Airport Name: South Oaks Aerodrome (added 2/24/2014 6:24:39 AM)
Wintrerville, North Carolina, USA Identifier: 05N
Putting the fun back in aviation. Champ and Sport Cub instruction utilizing over 60 private strips within one hour of our airport. Back to basics.
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Daniel Tappan Airport Name: (added 8/22/2010 1:04:11 PM)
Macedon, NY, USA Identifier:
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Tom Craft Airport Name: Cincinnati BlueAsh Airport (added 10/19/2008 7:36:00 PM)
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA Identifier: ISZ
3000 hr tailwheel pilot, cfi, available for instruction... experience in many types, checkouts or basic tailwheel instruction in your airplane. Please email me if I can be of assistance to you!
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Emerson Stewart Airport Name: Red Stewart Airfield (added 3/31/2004 5:43:25 PM)
Waynesville, Ohio, USA Identifier: 40I
Tailwheel and aerobatic training.
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Tom Stearman Airport Name: any (added 11/2/2009 9:49:30 AM)
Tulsa, OK, USA Identifier: any
ATP SEL/MEL, 6400 hrs. CFII with 1400 hrs IP time. Tailwheel training, aerobatic training, unusual attitude training, RV type training. I have extensive experience in all RV types, and 1300 hrs in my own RV-4. My tailwheel experience includes RVs, Citabrias, C-140, C-195, PT-17, Pitts, Rans S-7, Cassutt, Super Cub.
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David Koehn Airport Name: Jones-Riverside (added 3/5/2010 11:51:50 AM)
Tulsa, OK, USA Identifier: RVS
Master Flight Instructor offers tailwheel training in a 100hp J3 Cub. Contact us at 918-671-0481 or David@FastForwardAviation.com.
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Hopewell Jeff Airport Name: Ridgeland (added 4/25/2008 2:54:00 PM)
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA Identifier: 3J1
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Raylon Rogers Airport Name: biggs skypatch (added 7/7/2004 1:57:51 AM)
wellston, Oklahoma, usa Identifier: 43OK
Have a Cessna 170A and Maule M7 235B. Call 405 258 0717
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Brett Zefting Airport Name: The Dalles (added 5/17/2009 6:14:53 PM)
Portland, OR, USA Identifier: KDLS
I live in Portland and teach at KDLS, I am available at most of the Portland area airports for tailwheel instruction. Certified or Experimental...
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Jack Austin Airport Name: Mahlon Sweet (added 11/30/2004 2:47:14 PM)
Eugene, Oregon, USA Identifier: EUG
Tailwheel endorsement/biannual, your aircraft or my “SUPER CUB”, two or three day courses, call for rates and availability 541.968.6882 or see www.taildraggertime.com
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Ron Magnus Airport Name: Stark's Twin Oaks (added 8/9/2008 9:34:16 AM)
Portland, Oregon, USA Identifier: 7S3
This airport has a recently restored Piper J5-A that has a nice panel and more power than standard (108hp).
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Dave Messersmith Airport Name: Beaver County Airport (added 6/4/2005 6:18:27 PM)
Beaver Falls, PA, USA Identifier: KBVI
Tailwheel, aerobatic, and warbird checkouts in your aircraft. Experienced in Aeronca thru Zlin. C120 thru 195, Pitts, T-6, Stearman, Decathlon, Maule, and more. IAC competition and Airshow experience. Test flight experience. ATP, CFII, Helo, Glider, A&P IA, 15,000+ TT, 2000+ tailwheel. Military and Airline experience. 25 plus years of teaching tailwheel/aerobatics. Reasonable rates. 724-847-1564
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Kim Darst Airport Name: Stoudsburg (added 5/3/2010 11:15:51 AM)
Stroudsburg, Pa, USA Identifier: N53
Tailwheel training and endorsements using a J-3 cub. Please contact Kim at 516-790-9183
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Mike Senica Airport Name: Doylestown Airport (added 1/22/2010 4:36:46 PM)
Doylestown, Pennsylvania, USA Identifier: KDYL
Greetings, I am a CFI and AGI with many years of experience. I can instruct in your own aircraft or One of our school planes. I can help you obtain your Private of Commercial license. I am also available to do Bi-ennial Flight Reviews and aerial photography.
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Alvin Hubler Airport Name: Lancaster Airport (added 4/2/2012 12:35:04 AM)
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA Identifier: KLNS
CFI Airplane and Instrument, Multi Engine, Tailwheel
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Paul Patterson Airport Name: Bandel (added 10/7/2005 9:24:52 AM)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA Identifier: 22D
Tailwheel Instruction - Tailwheel Endorsements - Solo for Qualified Tailwheel Pilots. Aeronca 7AC Champ. Bandel is a nice, level grass strip. I fly all winter when the weather is good. Usually better visibility on cold crisp winter days. Better performance, too.
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Morgan Gay Airport Name: Skyhaven (added 3/14/2005 10:12:38 PM)
Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania, USA Identifier: 76N
Sport Pilot-ATP. J-3, Colt, Apache rental. Checkouts in all fabric Pipers, Gullwing Stinson, Stearman, C-185. AP-IA mechanic. Radial engine repair. Ski and float checkouts.
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John Peters Airport Name: Waynesburg Airport (added 5/3/2004 9:27:07 PM)
Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, USA Identifier: WAY
Teaching in a Piper J3 Tailwheel checkouts
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Matt Sloyer Airport Name: Brandywine Airport (added 4/9/2007 3:01:07 AM)
West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA Identifier: KOQN
CFI, CFII, Specializing in tailwheel instruction. MS1095@gmail.com
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Kim Bevier Airport Name: Woodward Field (added 5/9/2008 10:03:04 PM)
Camden, South Carolina, USA Identifier: CAE
CFII conducts initial tailwheel endorsement and recurrency training in Aeronca 7AC. Teaching tailwheel for 12 years. FAA remedial training resource and Part 135 chief pilot.
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Brett Justus Airport Name: Sumter Municipal (added 12/14/2004 8:53:33 PM)
Sumter, South Carolina, USA Identifier: SMS
Tailwheel training in a very nice Aeronca 7AC Champ by an experienced career instructor. Only $78 Hr. dual, wet. Click to email or call (803)968-5300
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Whittemore Richard Airport Name: Dallas Bay Skypark (added 2/17/2009 9:14:27 PM)
Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA Identifier: 1A0
I am a fulltime CFI at a local airport. I am available for primary and advanced tailwheel training as well as BFR's in your aircraft.
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Jack Shipe Airport Name: Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge (added 4/12/2005 8:06:43 AM)
Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USA Identifier: GKT
All types of instruction including tailwheel in a C-140. (865) 661-3848 or (865)680-7332.
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Frank Deal Airport Name: Stonewall Airpark (added 5/14/2009 4:00:38 AM)
Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA Identifier: 41TN
Full time contract pilot and CFI-I specializing in initial tailwheel endorsements, refresher training, Flight Reviews, personalized flight instruction & aircraft ferrying. 6000+ hours of experience. PA-18 and CE-150 "Texas Taildragger". (808)778-7763
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Mandel Richard Airport Name: Addison (added 4/23/2008 7:59:08 PM)
Addison, Texas, USA Identifier: KADS
KADS, KTI, T31, etc.
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P Kelly Airport Name: FLYING K (added 12/14/2004 5:37:41 PM)
AMARILLO, Texas, USA Identifier: 7TX8
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Jack Stovall Airport Name: Georgetown Municipal (added 1/15/2007 1:34:07 PM)
Austin, Texas, USA Identifier: GTU
Experienced tailwheel instructor PA20, Citabria, Pitts S-2B, Cessna 120/140
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Barry Pruitt Airport Name: Boerne Stage Airfield (added 6/23/2005 2:52:42 AM)
Boerne, Texas, USA Identifier: 5C1
About 15 minutes NW of San Antonio, TX just off I-10 West.
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Kenny Grisham Airport Name: Scott Field (added 11/19/2009 8:22:56 AM)
Crawford, Texas, USA Identifier: 31TX
Sport Pilot CFI teaching in an Aeronca 7DC. Offer Accelerated and standard instruction along with tail wheel transition for all pilots. I fly a Smith Miniplane, 450 Stearman, Citabria, RV8, Aeronca and a Revolution II
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Dave Honaker Airport Name: Aero Country Airport (added 3/17/2008 2:57:20 PM)
Dallas, Texas, USA Identifier: T31
ATP-CFI-MEI Owner - Four Winds Aviation flight school. Dual instruction in our Super Decathlon or Pitts S2B for tailwheel endorsement, aerobatic, spin and upset recovery training, flight reviews, contest prep. Experienced in Pitts, J3 Cubs, Citabria's, Decathlon's, Scout's, Maule's, Husky's, Stearman's and many others. If you own it, and it's not a one of a kind, I probably have time in it. 25 years of flying experience professionally and instruction. School website http://www.tail-wheel.com
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Mike Headrick Airport Name: Fort Worth Meacham (added 3/28/2008 9:14:22 AM)
Dallas Fort Worth, Texas, USA Identifier: FTW
CFI, CFII, MEI. Based in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Experience in Pitts, Extras, Cubs, C180-185s,
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Patrick Mahaffey Airport Name: Grand Prairie Municipal (added 11/10/2005 1:21:26 AM)
Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas, USA Identifier: GPM
I am a 2000 hr CFI with over half my total time in Tail Wheel Airplanes. Checked out in: Cessna 120, 140, 170, 180, 185, Aeronica L-3, Stinson 108, AT-6 Texan, Boeing Pt-17, and B-17G Flying Fortress. Available for BFR's, Insurance Check outs, and Ferry Flights.
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Steven Boyd Airport Name: El Paso International Airport (added 2/4/2007 6:56:35 PM)
El Paso, Texas, USA Identifier: KELP
CFI, CFII, MEI. Over 300 hrs tailwheel, PA-18 and PA-25 in particular. Available for instruction anytime.
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Robert Schulko Airport Name: Fort Worth, Spinks (added 7/27/2006 9:31:29 PM)
Fort Worth, Texas, USA Identifier: FWS
Aeronca Champ 7BCM. Sport Pilot training and taildragger endorsements. See website www.flywithrobert.org
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Jim McIrvin Airport Name: Graham Municipal (added 1/21/2014 10:48:38 PM)
Graham, Texas, USA Identifier: KRPH
Training available in my 7KCAB Citabria includes basic Tailwheel, Upset Recovery, and Basic Aerobatic. In your airplane I have experience in Cessna 195 (600+ hours), Cessna 120/140, Cessna 170, Cessna 180/185, Maule, PA-12, Vans RV-4, Piper J3, Pitts S2, Stearman, Skybolt and others
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Valerie Vaughn Airport Name: Houston Southwest (added 3/10/2010 9:34:59 AM)
Houston, Texas, USA Identifier: AXH
Tailwheel instruction in Citabria 7GCBC, Super Decathlon and Wittman Tailwind. www.tiny.cc/valerieflyer for more info.
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Ron Blilie Airport Name: Kerrville airport (added 10/28/2012 8:29:46 PM)
Kerrville, Texas, USA Identifier: Kerv
7DC Champ available for instruction. Sorry, no solo - insurance won't permit.
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Carol Walker Airport Name: Midway Regional Airport (added 5/22/2006 1:51:47 AM)
Midlothian (south of Dallas), Texas, USA Identifier: JWY
Full time tailwheel instructor with more than 18 years of experience in over 40 different types of taildraggers. Train in our 150hp Citabria or your tailwheel airplane. Private Pilot checkrides also available. Let's go have some fun!
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Brad Marcum Airport Name: Kestrel Airpark (added 8/9/2004 1:56:44 PM)
San Antonio, Texas, USA Identifier: 1T7
Tail wheel transition training or currency in Aeronca Champ. Also, training available in cross wind gear Cessna 195 and Vans IFR equipped RV-4. See www.texastailwheels.com
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John Mitchell Airport Name: San Antonio International (added 8/23/2004 5:46:59 PM)
San Antonio, Texas, USA Identifier: KSAT
Tailwheel and Aerobatic training in 8KCAB and Cessna 120 in the San Antonio area. Contact#(210) 273-0790
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Short Ryan Airport Name: Stinson Municipal Airport (added 2/5/2010 4:24:13 PM)
San Antonio, Texas, USA Identifier: KSSF
Tailwheel experience primarily in Stinson, Piper, Taylorcraft, and Cessnas. Call 210-902-0372.
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George Wilhite Airport Name: San Marcos Municipal (added 10/27/2003 9:51:02 AM)
San Marcos, Texas, USA Identifier: HYI
Your airplane. 2,300+ hrs. tailwheel experience. Aeroncas, Cessnas, Champions, Luscombes, Pipers, TCrafts & others.
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Kevin haberman Airport Name: Waco Regional (added 8/9/2005 10:58:10 AM)
Waco, Texas, USA Identifier: KACT
I have a cessna 170a for taildragger training. 254-715-6671. Kevin
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Kevin Maheu Airport Name: Ogden (added 1/3/2004 11:21:23 AM)
Clinton, Utah, USA Identifier: KOGD
Experience in Maule, T6, SNJ, Piper and Cessna series.
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Scott Taylor Airport Name: Spanish Fork (added 12/13/2004 10:38:02 PM)
Spanish Fork, Utah, USA Identifier: U77
Cessna 180-DPE, ADE, CFI, CFII, CFI-G, AGI, A&P, IA, CRJ Captain, Check Airmen, Simulator/Flight Instructor with 18,000 Total Time
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Rod Molina Airport Name: New Kent Airport (added 4/8/2009 9:39:21 AM)
New Kent, VA, USA Identifier: W96
I am a taildragger instructor based at W96, New Kent, VA. I own a Piper J3 Cub and have instructed in a variety of taildragger aircraft to include, SuperCub, J3 Cub, TailorCub, C-140, Piper Colt, Citabria, and Decathlon. I have been flying taildraggers for over 25 years and instructing for over 15 years.
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Bailey Bob Airport Name: Granville Airport (added 8/18/2005 1:11:22 PM)
West Pawlet, Vermont, USA Identifier: B01
More than 40 years experience in a wide variety of tailwheel airplanes. Still enjoy instructing!
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Skip Degan Airport Name: Orange (added 4/27/2004 3:35:45 PM)
Charlottesville, Virginia, USA Identifier: OMH
3400tt, lots of TD dual given, many makes and models- not a time builder. Your plane or mine. Mine is a nice '46 C-140 for tailwheel sign offs and BFR's. Can and will travel to you.
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Jim Tarkington Airport Name: Hampton Roads Exec. Airport (added 1/18/2005 7:29:24 PM)
Chesapeake, Virginia, USA Identifier: PVG
I am available to give tailwheel checkouts, commercial training, Flight Reviews and flight instructor training. If I can't do it for some reason, my father and my eldest son are CFI's and both can accomplish the same as listed above.
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Joshua Tarkington Airport Name: Hampton Roads Executive (added 11/23/2005 1:43:21 PM)
Chesapeake, Virginia, USA Identifier: KPVG
CFI, CFII, MEI-full-time flight instructor available 7 days a week with access to two aicraft for tailwheel checkouts, a 7EC Champ and a 8KCAB Decathalon. also available to to private, instrument, commercial, and multi-engine flight training
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Dave Wheeler Airport Name: Snohomish County Airport (added 12/11/2007 7:10:15 PM)
Everett, WA, USA Identifier: KPAE
J3C-65 Tailwheel endorsements, spin training, rental. Northwest Aviation Center www.nwac.aero
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Daniel Creech Airport Name: Kapowsin Field (added 2/28/2008 4:11:11 PM)
Graham, WA, USA Identifier: 86WA
Bring your dreams of flying adventures and we will bring them to life. Tail-wheel, back-country, or mountain-flying.
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Kirkish George Airport Name: Vashon Muni (added 12/30/2005 3:42:10 PM)
Vashon, Washibgton, USA Identifier: 2S1
20,000 plus hours of tailwheel time. Dual given in J-3 Piper Cub, Maule, or your plane. 206-567-4994
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Todd Mason Airport Name: Chehalis (added 4/25/2005 2:36:38 PM)
Chehalis, Washington, USA Identifier: CLS
Instruction provided in my Cessna 140. Will instruct in owners plane upon inspection. Visit my web site at http://www.tailwheelguy.com
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Lawrence Bielstein Airport Name: Tacoma Narrows (added 12/8/2005 8:17:27 PM)
Gig Harbor, Washington, USA Identifier: KTIW
Larry is a retired Air Force pilot with experience in C-47 (DC-3) C-45 (Beech 18), and several other tail wheel aircraft. He provides tail wheel training/endorsement in his well maintained Cessna 140A. Check out his web site: www.dragandfly.com
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Michael Rutledge Airport Name: Olympia Regional (added 7/23/2008 1:58:19 AM)
Olympia, Washington, USA Identifier: KOLM
I offer tailwheel and LSA instruction in a beautifully restored 1945 J-3 Cub. I'm also available to instruct in your aircraft to include the entire Bellanca/American Champion series, Cessna tail wheel series, as well several models of warbirds. I am a multi-thousand hour military aviator, as well as a tail dragger specific CFI. Please call to set up a custom tailored training plan! Michael Rutledge Silver Wings Flying Company, LLC c(360)485-7207
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Bill Fitzpatrick Airport Name: Chelan (added 8/24/2006 1:42:35 AM)
Stehekin, Washington, USA Identifier: S10
(360) 856-6055 ex 12, Ranger Bill Fitzpatrick
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Robert Stapleton Airport Name: Yakima International Airport (added 5/25/2006 1:37:37 AM)
Yakima, Washington, USA Identifier: KYKM
-Private Pilot -Commercial Pilot -Instrument Rating -Complex Endoresment -Coventional Aircraft -High Performance Endorsment -Currency/Biennials Email Me: srevig4@hotmail.com
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Lakin Michael Airport Name: Charleston/Yeager (added 7/5/2007 10:52:33 PM)
Charleston, West Virginia, usa Identifier: KCRW
Mature and experienced flight instructor with a 2004 Super Decathlon (Dual only). Competition, airshow, and experimental aircraft flight experience. Current military aerobatic flight instructor in the Beechcraft T-34C. See WWW.wvpilot.com
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Randy Whitson Airport Name: Dane County-Truax Field (added 11/6/2003 11:38:03 AM)
Wisconsin, WI, USA Identifier: MSN
T/W time in Bellanca (Citabrias and Decathlons), Champs, and Experimentals. CFI, MEI.
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Mike Felske Airport Name: East Troy (added 10/10/2004 8:56:23 PM)
East Troy, Wisconsin, USA Identifier: 57C
I have a bit over 1400 hrs TT with over 700 hrs in tailwheel aircraft, mostly Super cubs.
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Casey Meuer Airport Name: Dane County Regional (added 1/28/2007 12:12:33 AM)
Madison, Wisconsin, USA Identifier: MSN
CFI, CFII, MEI. Will provide instruction in your aircraft when you're ready. Tailwheel Endorsements, Bi-annual, Spin Training, IPC's. Reasonable rates!
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Mike Nelms Airport Name: Rice Lake Regional (added 5/1/2005 11:49:40 PM)
Rice Lake, Wisconsin, USA Identifier: KRPD
Experienced active CFI with 2000 Model American Champion 7GCAA-160 HP Endorsements count as Biennial Flight Review www.ricelakeair.com 715-458 4400
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John Chmiel Airport Name: Wausau Downtown Airport (added 10/4/2005 3:52:45 PM)
Wausau, Wisconsin, USA Identifier: KAUW
TAILWHEEL INSTRUCTION in our Champion 7ECA or your taildragger. Specializing in Tailwheel Endorsements, Aircraft Check-Outs, Insurance Qualification, Recurrent Training, Aircraft Ferrying, Spin Endorsements. Fly Our Champion Citabria 7ECA or Your Airplane. Specializing In: Aeronca, Champion, American Champion, Bellanca, Luscombe, Piper, Cessna. Member: EAA, VAA, NAFI, AOPA, SRA, MCFI (‘00-‘02), Aviation Safety Counselor Milwaukee FSDO
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Dick Rodencal Airport Name: alexander field (added 8/15/2008 12:43:53 PM)
wisconsin rapids, wisconsin, usa Identifier: isw
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Dan scott Airport Name: natrona county international (added 9/23/2010 3:05:58 PM)
Casper, WY, usa Identifier: kcpr
learn to fly mountains, ranch land, and recreation in Wyoming, want to fly in the wind, come to wyoming.
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Andy Peterson Airport Name: Fuquay-Angier Field (added 5/1/2012 2:18:42 PM)
Fuquay-Varina, NC, USA! Identifier: 78NC
CFII, 3500TT 1200IP, 250+ in Luscombes and Swifts. A&P IA specializing in A and C series Continentals.
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