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When landing a taildragger, all that matters is you touchdown straight - no drift/crab. You want to make sure your wreckage goes straight down the runway...

Welcome to taildraggers.com!

So, what is a "taildragger"? It's an airplane with a tailwheel - the small wheel under the tail, rather than a under the nose. It's a very minor physical difference, but oh what huge differences this causes during takeoff, landing, and taxiing! Check out our documentation section for all the details.

The term "taildragger" has been firmly rooted in the aviation lexicon for decades and is affectionately used as a positive nickname by pilots and non-pilots alike to describe airplanes with a tailwheel.

Please contact us with your ideas, suggestions, comments, and feedback, and please refer your fellow taildragger pilots, owners, and enthusiasts to our web site.

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New! Taildragger Issues

Where did the term "Taildragger" originate? Is it a disrespecting remark to tailwheel pilots and airplanes?

I received an interesting email on this matter - please click here to check it out on the new At Issue page and let me know what you think!

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When you register with us you'll get a free personal web page here at taildraggers.com.  You can upload a picture of your airplane and add and maintain your own text.  Visitors can contact you from your web page, yet your email address remains anonymous unless you reply.  Just tell folks to find you at taildraggers.com.  How simple is that, and where better to have a personal web page?  If you are already registered with us, just log on and you will be able to activate your free personal web page today.

Taildragger Fly-Ins

Visit our new taildragger-friendly fly-in page.

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Find a taildragger CFI on our CFI page .  If you are a taildragger CFI, please list yourself - it's free.

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Enjoy your flying privledges?

If so, thank the AOPA...  It's very important to realize that general aviation is under assult from the most evil form of extremist nut cases - politicians, and the misguided activists that stirr them up.  The AOPA deserves much credit for the flying privledges we have today, not only in the United States, but in many other countries as well (they are an international organization).  Please- if you are not already an AOPA member, join today!  Visit their web site at www.aopa.org.

Ditto for the EAA, especially in recent years.  If you are not an EAA member, visit their website at http://www.eaa.org and join this great organization today as well.

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